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Welcome to National Rural Bamboo Mission & Research Institute
Mr. Yupkumar Panchbudhe with Hon'ble Ratan Tata
Plant Tissue Culture
Scientists Applying Scientific techniques for sustainable Farming and Irrigation

This Institute was founded by Honourable Yupkumar Panchbudhe in 2014, under the prestigious guidance and helping hand of Mr. Ratan Tata.

The National Rural Bamboo Mission & Research Institute in addition to its exceptional authorities is supported by, Micro, Small & Medium Enterprises (MSME), Tribal Research and Training Institute (TRTI), Maharashtra Forest Department, TATA Trusts, Bamboo Tourism/Management, Marketing, Training & National Agrotech.


To equalize the farmer's and scientist's contribution towards society and to make a sustainable trend out of the bamboo industry, we are working to maximize the production of bamboo in India. To improve upon the usage by inculcating science in the craftsmanship. To educate the future generations coming from an agricultural background.


To change the perception of bamboo and start a scientific discussion on production of bamboo made artifacts (Bioethanol, fuel paddles). To unify the scientific and agricultural community towards a common goal of making India an international market for bamboo thereby, creating employment. This will strengthen the rural population and improve upon their economy.

"Nucleicon" arranged by BDCOM and NRBMRI
Evergreen Canopeies
Winners of Nucleicon Quiz Competition
2023 National Rural Bamboo Mission & Research Institute